Following insights from studies in biology and ethology, more-than-human animals are increasingly recognized as active agents who not just act on instinct, but have their own perspective on life and relations with humans. This has implications for how we think about animal rights. Taking them seriously does not only mean taking into account their interests in existing political systems: instead, we should see them as political agents, some of whom are members of shared multispecies communities. In her talk, Meijer will draw on insights from political animal philosophy, animal sanctuaries, ethology, and deliberative democratic theory to explain why and explore how we can work towards an interspecies democracy.

Dr. Eva Meijer is a philosopher and novelist. She works as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam (NL) on the four-year research project The politics of (not) eating animals, supported by a grant from the Dutch Research Council, and is the chair of the Dutch Study group for Animal Ethics. Recent publications include „Die Sprachen der Tiere“ (Matthes & Seitz 2018), „Was Tiere wirklich wollen“ (btb Verlag 2019) and „When animals speak. Toward an Interspecies Democracy” (New York University Press 2019). Meijer has published eleven books, both fiction and non-fiction. They have been translated into eighteen languages. For more information, please visit: